Review series : Romance Is A Bonus Book 2019

Romance Is a Bonus Book

Review series : Romance Is A Bonus Book 2019 A noona romance that isn’t actually all about the romance, Romance Is A Bonus Book and yet, it works, and so well too.

While I don’t think that this would sit as well with a younger audience,
I do feel like this would resonate well with a slightly older audience,
particularly if said audience is female. Show takes the premise of
a divorcee’s struggle to re-enter the workforce, and makes it come
alive with poignance and heart, while managing to slip a charming
noona romance in there, to sweeten the whole experience.

A capable cast and a lovely OST round out this drama’s
strengths, and I also wanted to say, Lee Na Young is extra
incandescent to my eyes, as our female protagonist.

Not a show that would work for everyone,
but if it works for you, it works so well.

My friends. This is one of those times when my FOMO has served me well.

As you know, fairly often, because of Twitter buzz, I check out a show that I wasn’t planning on watching. Of course, this comes with varying results.

Sometimes I find the show just ok, sometimes I like it quite well, and sometimes I end up loving it a whole lot.

I’m so pleased to tell you guys, that with this show, it was most definitely love. <3

Originally, I was actually going to give this one a pass because while I loved Lee Jong Suk in School 2013 and I Hear Your Voice, I’d been rather disenchanted with him in W-Two Worlds, and I didn’t have any special interest in Lee Na Young, nor in book publishing specifically. That said, boy, am I glad that my Twitter pals gushed about this one enough to get me to check it out in spite of my initial disinterest.

This drama is charming in a way that I really dig. It’s thoughtfully written, with lots of heart and poignance, and just the occasional touch of whimsy. There were times when I would leave this show for a little bit coz of Real Life stuff, or because I was working on other reviews. Sometimes those pauses lasted days, and occasionally, they lasted weeks, even. With many dramas, if I’ve left off watching for a while, there’s a fair chance that my interest might have waned by the time I try to come back to it.

Not with this one, though.

Every time I came back to this one after taking a bit of a break,
I would remember all over again why I liked this show,
and why it worked for me so well. How lovely. So lovely,
in fact, that eventually I got into the habit of watching
this one slowly, just so that I could savor it extra.

In broad strokes, this story is about a divorcee mom finding
her place in society again, with a sweet noona romance as
a bonus. Additionally, in our side stories, Show also shines
the spotlight on the struggles of women in various stations
of society, like the older single career woman, or the working
woman who has a young child to care for.

Basically, the more you are able to relate to these situations, the more this show will work for you.

I’m not myself a mom, let alone one who’s trying to make a career come-back after staying home for years looking after my child, but the main arc of this show resonates with me a great deal because one of my close friends has a similar struggle.

Which leads me to conclude that if you are having or have had a similar struggle as one of the arcs featured in this drama, or have been up-close-and-personal with a similar struggle through friends or family members, then there’s a good chance this show would work for you.

Oh, and bonus points if you like thoughtful, lyrical things, coz that is exactly how Show vibes.

Like I mentioned, the writing in Show leans thoughtful and lyrical, which is something I enjoyed very much.

Writer-nim clearly put a lot of thought into understanding her characters and into plotting her story. Consistently, I felt like despite Show’s occasional whimsical quality, that the characters felt real and down-to-earth at the heart of it, and I could understand why characters might feel the way they did, or act the way they did.

At the same time, I very much appreciated the feeling that I got, that writer-nim put thought and effort into mapping out her story, so that we don’t get connect-the-dots type writing that we sometimes get in Dramaland.

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