Review Movie Pitch Perfect 3 Starring Anna Kendrick

Pitch Perfect 3

Review Movie Pitch Perfect 3 Starring Anna Kendrick Starring Anna Kendrick, Hailee Steinfeld, and Rebel Wilson, “Pitch Perfect 3” was released in theaters across the United States on Dec. 27.

In this last movie of the Pitch Perfect series, the Bellas
will bring the audience unexpected disappointment and overrated hype.

Now graduated out of college and into the real world, the Barden Bellas, a former acapella group of Barden University, have long since split apart
in pursuit of separate—and unsuccessful—careers.

So when the Bellas receive a chance to compete at the overseas
United Service Organizations tour to support American troops
in Europe by singing for them and their families, they jump
at the opportunity to perform together one last time.

Right off the bat, however, it becomes clear that the story
of the Bellas is one that does not need continuation.

The plot is essentially a completely irrelevant reason to bring the Bellas back together.

Also, the film features many needless and ridiculous plot distractions such as a beehive explosion, a Fat Amy fight scene, and a Snoop Dogg cameo.

These scenes were wholly unnecessary, and did not contribute
to the progression of the film whatsoever.

While the plot is dotted with with many random distractions
and unrelated to anything the Bellas were aiming to achieve,
the movie is entertaining and featured moments of comedy that
teenagers can easily relate to, as well as the previously
promised riff-offs and singing performances.

“Pitch Perfect 3” is utterly unrealistic, and the characters are no longer as funny, charming, or relatable as they were in the previous films.

The audience feels no real connection towards the Bellas,
because the “core cast” only consists of Anna Kendrick,
Hailee Steinfeld, and Rebel Wilson.

The other lovable characters of the previous movies,
especially Stacie and tomboyish Cynthia Rose, barely have speaking lines at all.

Whatever charisma the first two movies possessed has been thoroughly lost in this meaningless final chapter of the Pitch Perfect series.

So while the film is great for devoted fans of the first two films who want to finish the Barden Bellas’ story with a sense of closure, the series sadly does not end on a high note.


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