Movie review sacred games , a movie from a famous novel

review sacred games, a movie from a famous novel Movie  sacred games, a movie from a famous novel That you want to open and see To be honest, it is a series from India. The first episode in my life ever that I watched until the end of a season, there are 8 episodes together, one that is about 50 minutes long, honestly, I rarely watch foreign series.
Even if it’s not because you don’t want to see Or despise anything but too Because of the taste in storytelling and not very pleasing But that can be seen that netflix has invested in making an Indian series.
This story that just released is the first season. And released recently Therefore hesitating for a while, but An example of it that made me feel interested. So I decided to look I can say that I forgot the images of most Indian series.
To say that if the fan of books, movies, series India was expecting a lot of singing and dancing. Or old-fashioned entertainment Absolutely disappointed Because this series is another thriller In a tone that is very serious There is nothing like what we have seen in Thai dramas. There is no love story.
sacred games There are no hilarious characters. Or no submission to waste time every shot Everything is a clear goal, the tempo in the narrative is quite simple. That will be concentrated as a matter of fact.
At the same time, it makes sense that It is so addictive that you have to watch until the end in almost 8 episodes. Because I myself rarely watch Indian series.
Therefore I don’t know how many stories before it was like this But I must say that both the camera angle And the editing is done very well It is at a level that is good enough that it can be compared comfortably to any western location.
As it is very perfect. Sometimes in a presentation that I don’t really like Such as action scenes with slow motion with With background music instead of sound Sometimes telling stories that are lone And did not enter an example, could not tell But that’s just the tip.
Only to be able to skip over But overall, the director controls the tone very well.
And put it in control ever And quite an amazingly powerful scene It is quite a bit.
sacred games Most of the actors do really well.
Only those who act as the protagonist In this series, there are almost no over acting performances,
as seen in Thai dramas. Either the godfather or the police are able to perform well.
It is very reliable and plays a role. To be fascinated with just
a few characters Especially the data analysis staff Which doesn’t
seem very professional Time out for work But it is enough to skip it,
do not have to be attracted Many things are heavy as well.
In conclusion, it is another series from the Indian side that has been
following quite a bit. And it is called for anyone who wants to watch new
strange series or foreign countries To open heart of this series ever
Because it can answer questions clearly and is another story That is quite
sure to guarantee the quality.

Never lose anything from abroad as well.

It can be considered as another thing that is quite perfect.
And one more thing that will respond to the needs of the audience
very well is the content concentration. 

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