Take you to see the monsters in the new movie Monster Hunter

 Monster Hunter

Take you to see the monsters in the new movie Monster Hunter.

Good images, beautiful details. Hello everyone Today the admin will bring everyone to look weird in Monster Hunter for fans who are fans of monster movies. Every time a game is adapted into a movie.

Gamers will have high expectations to see the characters of each character, cast, character behind 4G, or even the monsters that run amok in the story.

So no matter what the creator, the organizer will modify To turn it into something, that animation over there Original work is always something they have to think about and respect.

Because any game fans will definitely be serious about tomorrow.

And of course, the movies at the selling point of this movie are

monsters that are famous for the game and are loved by game fans.

So the game production team and the filmmakers spent hours fine-tuning

the characters of the little monsters. Including hair color, eye or nail color,

or whatever skin type Is that it took a long time to compose a pop to play Let’s come to the first one.

Black Diablo

Giant Rathalos





Miao Scular Chef (Palico)

You see, everyone that this movie has detailed the monster.

That was taken from the game quite well Everyone who went to

see the movie said with one voice that the picture was beautiful,

the movie was fun, and of course there was a Thai actor in it.

For those who have not seen it yet, now the admin is not sure

if the movie has entered the theater or not. Or have they left

the theater or not, because this period is rarely followed But

will try to follow them all as quickly as possible As for the admin,

I’d like to leave first and see you in the next article, Love You.



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