7 ways to design energy-efficient houses cool and comfortable

Energy-saving home design tips Help the house stay cool all year round, not hot and environmentally friendly, helping to reduce electricity bills and save money in the long run.

Guidelines for building a house or improving the house to be more livable
Many people are afraid of electric charges and look for energy-efficient

appliances. But do you know that the truth is We can reduce the use of fire.

And easily reduce the use of money since designing the house Because whether the structure, roof, window or direction will affect long-term life.

For now, who plans to build a house? New home improvement Or want to make the house cool and comfortable all year round, not hot, pleasant and shady.

Both interior Place the direction of the house in accordance with the wind direction. Including the arrangement of green areas

Roof and ceiling
Choose to use roof tiles that help reflect or prevent heat.
Tilt the roof at an angle of 45 degrees to help reduce heat radiation to the ceiling.
Under the roof insulation
Use a ceiling that has good ventilation properties.
Make a vent in the gable roof To help ventilation from under the roof and inside the house
Raised the ceiling. To pressure the heat, vent through the vents or attic openings.
Use insulation materials such as insulation for walls.
The walls in the house are chosen with less mass and light colors.
The exterior walls of the house are glossy, light colored, and have low heat capacity.


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